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These are my responses to the electrifying times in which I live and have lived. Right now, I see chaos worldwide. And where I don’t see that, I see cross-currents, too often in violent conflict with each other. I didn’t start out to depict this state of affairs, I have merely responded to it. I love geometric forms, bold color, design and pattern, so I was not surprised to see some intriguing graphic design come out of those responses. These would make some challenging graffiti, or better yet, a mural, to paint onto a wall somewhere! I’d love to get THAT commission!

Artistic pursuits are a great antidote to the turmoil. At least it provides a temporary outlet, and haven even, from the insanity.

Animation seemed to be a natural combination with the static images. Times are moving fast. Everything seems to be in flux. And animating these, oddly, gives me the sense of “order returning” or “cycles repeating”. In addition, the kaleidoscopic effect is calming, especially when viewed at slower settings. I prefer the .25 setting. It’s an option that’s in the lower right corner.

You can click in the lower right area to change the speed.
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