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Chaos and Cross Currents, a visual commentary on today’s state of affairs in the world. A visual exploration of chaos theory, patterns, circuitry and cross currents in nature and society. Geometric patterns and animation. Kaleidoscopes.

Kaleido 9.11.21

This is when I take one of the designs from the rest of the blog and animate it into a kaleidoscope. Sometimes I make them square and other times I make them round. I have to keep them short and sweet for the sake of internet download limits.

etc 9.1.21

Postings in “etc”. Clicking on any image, leads to a different page called, “etc”, where I place images that seem like oddballs in one way or another. But I think they have value nevertheless. Sometimes they’re “warm ups” for another piece. Sometimes not. Sometimes they just stand on their own. Click on any one ofContinue reading “etc 9.1.21”