This is where I live, Santa Fe, New Mexico. It’s only sunny here for 362 days a year. We have great mountains nearby, topping out at well over 12,000 feet. That means great skiing and hiking. For me, in addition, it also means great photographic opportunities. That’s my main focus, you might say, right now. I shouldn’t really say “right now”, because photography has been a life long pursuit. However, in tandem with, and complementary to that, has always been a love of art and design. It seems to be that the two are natural partners; they want to be together.

It’s not surprising that my art and photography bear a resemblance to each other. You’ll see a lot of geometric forms, variations in line and as much pattern as I can possibly fit into every photograph. Contemplating pattern and geometric form has a good effect on me. To use the New Age term, it centers me. It calms me down, shifting my focus and awareness to what is important and even eternal.

The simplicity of Black and white is always my first choice. And “hard edge” just seems to come naturally, so that predominates, but not to the exclusion of sketchy-painterly-expressions from time to time. I do jump into color every now and then usually managing to mix it with something geometric in nature.

That’s why I chose LINE AND MIND as my title and domain. I do think about these things, and a part of me is aware of all this as I am either photographing or designing. It doesn’t intrude on the process or experience, but I know that it is always there, computing in the background.

I often think that some of the pictures in this blog look like circuits, and I know that I have been influenced by looking at those electronic patterns. I’m certain that I am also influenced, subliminally, by images of microscopic anatomy. But these patterns are all over the place, both macro and micro. Some of those in nature seem chaotic, but of course they really are not. And I’d be remiss if I left out Crop Circles as an absorbing interest and influence. The geometry of those land-imprints is seductive.

Thanks for reading and dropping by.

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Elizabeth Bauer
Santa Fe, New Mexico
July 2021

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